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Lot 15      
Orest Tataryn

multicolor neon tube, GTO wire, transformer
1" x 30" x 1"
Estimate $500

Courtesy of the artist

As a light sculptor, Orest Tataryn is interested in transformation—how light can transform space, create optical illusions, project afterimages and alter perception. With light there is always colour, which is very important both for its emotional resonance and for its dissonance. This custom neon tube is produced by manipulating and fusing small sections of coloured and clear glass tubing to produce a linear light spectrum. Tataryn is a practicing artist, designer and curator who has developed a specific path in the direction of using light as his expressive medium. This occupation started in 1988 with a neon shop which became the foundation for the guerrilla art collective Skunkworks / Outlaw Neon. Most of his early mandate revolved around elevating the reputation of neon light work in the art-design community, as well as being a resource for the execution of projects involving different forms of lighting. That adventure brought about the blending of two technical disciplines: neon lampworking and Venetian glass blowing.