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Lot 19      
Eli Langer

Untitled Composition
oil on canvas
16" x 20"
Estimate $2,300

Courtesy of the artist and Clint Roenisch (Toronto)

Though primarily a painter of oils, Eli Langer has also created a diverse body of works in various media including, but not limited to, opportunity, photography, video, multi- and mixed-media installations, sculpture, textiles, garment design and fabrication, and furniture making and design. Langer has exhibited internationally at Daniel Hug Gallery, Night Gallery (both Los Angeles); Cardi Black Box (Milan); Platform Gallery (London, UK); Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver); and Mercer Union (Toronto). His contributions as an artist have been written about or mentioned in various publications and literature, including Chris Kraus’s Where Art Belongs. His drawings have been frequently published by Semiotexte Press and were included in a limited edition for the 2014 Whitney Biennial (New York).