LOT 22
Jay Isaac

Study for Mural Study 13
acrylic on paper
20” x 28” paper size, 8.5” x 22” image size
Estimate $3,200 
Framed by Superframe

Courtesy of the artist and Paul Petro Gallery, Toronto

Jay Isaac’s Study for Mural Study 13 is part of an ongoing series of mural studies which function as public art propositions and art objects simultaneously. The works are informed by the historic use of murals as a form of socio-political communication and the format’s unique ability to bypass certain aspects of consumption. These studies ideologically intend to exist beyond the parameters of the gallery while also acknowledging the futility of the effort to do so. Isaac studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and at the Cardiff Institute of Art and Design. His work has been exhibited at Galleria d’arte moderna di Bologna, Cue Art Foundation (New York), Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Fredericton), and the McIntosh Gallery (London, ON). In 2019, he was awarded the Chalmers Art Fellowship.