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Lot 28      
Brett Despotovich

licorne II
incision drawing on aluminized polyester
20" x 16.25" framed
Estimate $1,000

Framed by Superframe

Courtesy of the artist

“When lockdown hit I thought back to recent trips. September 2019, my oldest friend and I on acid at The Met Cloisters prior to the Nick Cave show. Their album 'Ghosteen' had been announced that morning. La Chasse à la licorne was a great opening act. The unexpected gift of time found through quarantine allowed me to explore a backlog of ideas. I began work by harvesting seeds sown that day in Autumn.” Despotovich is a multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, sound and video. He has developed his practice alongside curatorial projects, such as the media and performance festivals CHANNEL (2016) and CHANNEL II (2017, supported by the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts). In June 2017 he participated aboard the Arctic Circle Residency, Svalbard. He produces and performs music as inchoate.