Lot 29     
Mia Sandhu

Bawdy 29
gouache, watercolour, pencil, and charcoal on paper
17” x 14”
Estimate $2,500 framed

Courtesy of the artist and Patel Brown Gallery, Toronto

Mia Sandhu’s Bawdy 29 completes the relationship of watcher and the watched. Shrouded by an unknowable frenzy of what could be hair, smoke, veils, or anxiety, the women featured in Sandhu’s Bawdy series appear almost alien. This unfamiliar quality can be traced back to Sandhu’s previous work, exploring identity in an alien culture. Sandhu’s paper and gouache/watercolour-based works explore her fascination with cultural hybridity, gender, sexuality, and familial and personal narratives. Sandhu’s current work draws from experiences that are both personal to her and that are also shared by women more broadly. Through her own self-reflection and personal growth, her work celebrates freedom from the shackles of self-consciousness, emerging victorious in new, natural, and unrepressed consciousness. Sandhu’s work has been exhibited in Halifax, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, and London, ON.