April 4, 2018
c magazine auction
Lot 29
Tegan Moore

In what circles are we moving here?
Powder-coated steel filter retainer/ bottle cap production off-cut, upholstery dust barrier, found polystyrene foam  
28 x 16 x 2”
Estimate $1,100

Courtesy of the artist

Tegan Moore’s work is informed by the built environment and draws on material properties, climate, economy and fragility. In what circles are we moving here? is constructed from materials used to regulate air circulation systems. The sculptural work playfully exaggerates the material's aesthetic qualities against their function.  Moore has recently shown at Zalucky Contemporary; Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art; CSA Space (Vancouver); and G Gallery. Moore has participated in international residencies at Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi, FI) and Flaggfabrikken (Bergen, NO). She is an upcoming researcher-in-residence at Tokyo Arts and Space, a division of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.