LOT 32
Arvo Leo

Prototype for a Liquid Lily Pad Tower
watercolour, gouache, pencil on paper
12.6” x 9.4”
Estimate $1,400 unframed

Courtesy of the artist

This series of paintings imagines improvised homes for frogs constructed out of lily pads, river water, lake water, pond water, puddles, and occasionally human blood, while also incorporating wobbly grids made of spiderwebs and underground fungal threads to help the liquid towers better withstand the desires of gravity.

It is true that for a long time now frogs have been quietly sitting on lily pads observing humans taking information from nature in order to implement it into their own designs and constructions while legitimizing this appropriation by creating the term “bio-mimicry" (life imitation). One day, the frogs decide to make up their own term - “reverse bio-mimicry” - to define a process where they begin to steal some of the appropriated bio-knowledge back from the humans and use it in their own liquid lily pad tower designs.

Arvo Leo lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is currently an artist in residence at Artis Zoo.

YouTube - Arvo Leo