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Lot 34      
Sameer Farooq

“Pouf, Sausage, Weight, Arc” (Bag Weight)
7" x 7" x 7” approximate
Estimate $1,300

Courtesy of the artist

For the past decade, Sameer Farooq’s practice has worked to reveal the countless blind spots around how museums have written and located history. Pouf, Sausage, Weight, Arc” (Bag Weight) is part of a series of hand-shaped ceramic objects, which imitate the forms of museum-quality packing material and conservator props used to protect, wrap and repair precious artifacts. The objects are physical metaphors for the invisible hands of those who work in museums, and represent how archives struggle to give us the full picture of a lived experience. Farooq is a Canadian artist of Pakistani and Ugandan Indian descent. He has held exhibitions at institutions around the world including the Lilley Museum (Reno); Aga Khan Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario (both Toronto); Institute of Islamic Culture (Paris); Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver); The British Library (London, UK); and Artellewa (Cairo). He is a recipient of awards from the Europe Media Fund, and the President’s Scholarship at the Rhode Island School of Design. Farooq was longlisted for the Sobey Art Award in 2018 and is the WPR Creative Fellow (with poet Jared Stanley) at Harvard University for 2020–2021.