Lot 34     
Vida Beyer

Stuck In My Body, Body
acrylic yarn on plastic needlepoint canvas
33” x 20”
Estimate $500

Courtesy of the artist 

Vida Beyer is an artist and writer whose work often manifests as mood boards, essays, lectures, playlists, installations, and projects that incorporate some or all of the above. Their work explores the subjects of history, subjectivity, interpersonal relationships, and processes of accumulation. Beyer's work has been exhibited at The Khyber Centre for the Arts, Art Metropole, Xpace Cultural Centre, HAVN, Little Sister, as well as the comedy performance series “Doored,” the Trampoline Hall lecture series, and The Rhubarb Festival. Their writing has most recently appeared in Hearth Garage's Erotic Awakenings publication.