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Alyssa Bistonath

archival pigment print
2 of 3
16” x 24”
Estimate $1,200 framed

Courtesy of the artist 

Alyssa Bistonath is a photographer and filmmaker whose work focuses on themes of memory and belonging. Bistonath endeavours to look at modes of representation by investigating nostalgia, exploring evidence, and interrupting the archive. One of her most well-known works is Portals (2018), a video installation commissioned by the City of Toronto for Nuit Blanche. Most recently, she was featured in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s “Art in the Spotlight” and in Canadian Art for her series Isolation Photographs.

“Niagara Falls is rife with nostalgia. A place to stop on your way in or out of the country. Inherently romantic, we visit with someone of interest and hope for the best. On the flip side, we wander down grudgingly with a colleague. We stand close to the wonder, fix our gaze, and a moment of vertigo erupts, triggering a wave of fear, smallness, and solitude. In retaliation, we photograph the mammoth and the moment. We make it flat and pocket sized, something manageable. Later we say we have been there, we shudder and beam.” - Alyssa Bistonath, Diary, #201