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Lot 40      
Brittany Shepherd

Phantom Limb (Glass, Right Hand)
1" x 5.5" x 14"
Estimate $800

Courtesy of the artist

Embedded in Brittany Shepherd’s Phantom Limb is the idea of private ownership of artwork, and the poetic loss of the other glove, creating a sense of longing. The pair of “glass” gloves were installed together and sold separately in order to become “lost” to each other and tie the two people who have them together. The left hand has a home already, but the right one still seeks its own to complete the process. Shepherd is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Through the media of photography, video, painting and sculpture her practice deals with notions of private and public space in relation to class and perception. She has exhibited at NADA Miami with DAD Digital and Cooper Cole; Motel (Brooklyn); Roberta Pelan, Galerie Division, The Loon, Scotiabank Contact Festival with Bunker2, and Art Toronto with Art Metropole (all Toronto). She is the founder and director of The Table, an experimental exhibition and poetry platform.