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Maureen Gruben

Cedar and Seal
cedar, sealskin, copper nails
22 pieces, variable size from 6" x 6" to 12" x 12"
Estimate $4,000

Courtesy of the artist and Fazakas Gallery (Vancouver)

Maureen Gruben combines industrial, domestic and land-based techniques and materials. In her work, abstraction of form sits in active tension with the acutely real presence of her geographically and culturally embedded media. Her practice incorporates activism while allowing substantial room for her materials themselves to speak; it shares intimate perspectives on contemporary life in the Western Arctic, while, equally, extending decisively outwards to develop new visual languages that offer compelling and often urgent global associations. Gruben is an Inuvialuk artist, born and raised in Tuktoyaktuk, where she spent much of her childhood sewing with her mother and trapping with her father. She has exhibited regularly across Canada and internationally, including at grunt gallery (Vancouver); Vancouver Art Gallery; National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa); Winnipeg Art Gallery; Anchorage Museum; and Uppsala Museum. Her work is also held in national and private collections.