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Scott Rogers

Thyrsus (Quarto Preparation)
archival inkjet print
1 of 3
12” x 19” framed
Estimate $1,200

Framed by Superframe

Courtesy of the artist

Scott Rogers’s practice examines the tensions between humans with other life forms, and the ways these relations intersect with power, desire, control and disobedience. Thyrsus (Quarto Preparation) develops from these themes in the form of a photographic botanical study. The work combines references of dried plant specimen seen in museums in the Philippines with the Baudelaire poem “The Thyrsus (to Franz Liszt),” wherein he speaks of a ritual staff used during the rites of the Greek god Bacchus. Rogers’s solo exhibitions include Franz Kaka (Toronto); Collective (Edinburgh); Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Lethbridge); and Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Rogers has contributed to group exhibitions, performances or residencies at Hospitalfield (Arbroath); Aldea (Bergen); Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale; Oracle (Berlin); Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop; and KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin). In 2020, he participated in the third Kamias Triennial (Manila). Rogers lives in Glasgow.