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Javiera da Fonseca

Nicte-Ha, Dos Ojos
acrylic on canvas
19” x 25”
Estimate $2,500

Courtesy of the artist and Mónica Reyes Gallery, Vancouver

Javiera da Fonseca’s work explores how through colour, shapes, and infinite compositions in nature we are able to connect with a higher state of consciousness where we can experience unity. Through observation, registration, and reinterpretation of existing landscapes, she builds new images that seek to transmit what is perceived beyond the forms as an act of revelation. She graduated from the Universidad de Chile in Visual Arts with a major in Painting, and was a student of the outstanding Chilean artist Eugenio Dittborn. Her work has been exhibited in contemporary art fairs, and solo and group shows in San Francisco, New York, The Hamptons, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Miami, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Tulum, Zihuatanejo, Monterrey, Mexico City, and Santiago.