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Lot 60     
Lois Andison

acrylic, hooks
Artist Proof, plus edition of 2
10" x 14.25"
Estimate $1,200

Courtesy of the artist and Olga Korper Gallery (Toronto)

Lois Andison’s Comb was designed as both sculptural object and accessory to be used in the 2014 video threading water. Prior to the shoot the comb was made in three sizes: small, medium and large. The smallest comb was designed as a pair—one comb held in each hand. Once in the water, the small combs proved problematic for the swimmer, Lisa Birke, as it made it very difficult to steer herself, and as such they were not used. Andison’s current interdisciplinary art practice ranges from kinetic sculpture, in which she uses movement to initiate an experience-exchange between the viewer and the work, to video and photography that documents and interprets motion and time, to text-based works where language as a medium conceptually embraces play, dissection and mirroring. Andison currently teaches in the Fine Arts Department of the University of Waterloo.