LOT 63
Tiziana La Melia

ink, walnut pigment on paper
17” X 14”
Estimate $1,600 framed

Courtesy of the artist and Unit 17 Gallery, Vancouver

Tiziana La Melia is an artist and author of two books of poetry. Recently, she has been collaging and mending narratives and borrowing poetic structures from the Kletic hymn, Aesop fables, and reality television. Her work takes as a starting point the ambiguity of language and the use of poetic tropes in the construction of poems, paintings, assemblages, and images. It does not act within the limits of signification nor is it limited by the practice of naming, but rather it aims to be attentive to the rhythms and forms of poetic language that emerge from La Melia’s daily activities. Her recent exhibitions have been held at iMécènes du sud (Montpellier), Unit 17 (Vancouver), Galerie Anne Barrault (Paris), Global Cows, Damien and the Love Guru (Brussels), Walter Phillips Gallery (Banff), Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, and Mercer Union (Toronto). In 2014, La Melia was awarded the RBC Painting Competition Prize.