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Maryse Larivière

You're the voice (Tremblant retreat 1)
digital photograph on archival paper
1 of 7
16” x 20”
Estimate $1,200 framed

Courtesy of the artist

Maryse Larivière is an artist, writer, and scholar whose work crosses sculpture, performance, collage, text, and film. Her current research focuses on the influence of women’s writing in contemporary art. Larivière’s highly critical prose, poetry, and artworks are an invitation to rethink our relationships with objects as they are linked with our own humanity. By bringing together senses and words, Larivière shares her interest in the material aspects of the artwork as well as its sensory and affective reception.  The research project You’re the Voice began at the Colosseum in Las Vegas, where she attended Celine Dion’s last concert in June 2019. Since then, she has undertaken writing a revolutionary poem together with the superstar. Inspired by poet Diane di Prima’s Revolutionary Letters and artist Françoise Sullivan’s writings, her poetic project aims to capture the political underpinning in Dion’s performance of radical empathy. Larivière’s artworks and writings have been featured widely in Canada, and most recently at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, the MOMENTA Biennale (Montreal), OR Gallery (Vancouver), and Gallery 44 (Toronto).