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Haley Uyeda

Ice Plant
archival inkjet print
2 of 5
26.5" x 17.75" framed
Estimate $1,600

Framed by Superframe

Courtesy of the artist

Haley Uyeda’s Ice Plant is part of a series of photographic works, Counterparts in Kingsport, which are the result of Uyeda bringing her paintings beyond the studio and gallery walls. Using her paintings, which consist of meticulously cut canvas, she considers their potential as lenses that filter and recalibrate the light within their surrounding environment. Uyeda’s work explores the materiality of painting, considering the potential for painting to be a responsive proposition, rather than a fixed, permanent gesture. Taking inspiration from atmospheric conditions of weather, movement and light, her work both references and engages with the temporal conditions of nature. Uyeda is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in painting and print media. She holds an MFA from York University (2016) and recently presented a solo exhibition at YYZ Artists’ Outlet (2019). Uyeda’s work can be found in several collections, including in the holdings of York University and Bell Canada.