Daniel Barrow

Serpent Poem
lace and hand-dyed/cut "paper doll poem" pinned to screen-printed mat board
20” x 26” x 1’’
Estimate $1,900 framed

Courtesy of the artist and Galerie 3, Québec City

Daniel Barrow’s muli-media practice centres on drawing. His latest series of pictogram “paper doll poetry” mines his childhood as a form of nostalgia or queer self-mythology and exposes gender-normative power dynamics—probing the vulnerability of the human figure and examining modes of desire. Based in Montreal, Barrow has presented his work at The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), The International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s TBA festival, and the British Film Institute. Barrow is the winner of the 2010 Sobey Art Award and the 2013 Glenfiddich Artist-In-Residence Prize.

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