April 23, 2019
C Magazine Auction
Lot 7     
Irene Bindi

Paper collage on ply
(11 x 14 x .5”)
Estimate $1,100

Courtesy of the artist

Irene Bindi‘s work combines variations of collage, installation and sound. Informed by structural elements of experimental cinema, her projects often manifest as film without film, exploring the medium outside the frame in the spatial triangulation of various iterations of viewer, projection and projector. Bindi holds an MA in film studies from York University. As a visual and sound artist, she has exhibited and performed at various venues in Canada and the United States including PlugIn ICA (Winnipeg) and The Tweed Museum (Duluth). In 2018 Bindi held a solo exhibition, notte sopra vipere sotto at The Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast) and participated in the group exhibition Behind Closed Doors at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.