Absentee Bids

To register an absentee bid prior to the auction please fill in the form (Download PDF)

C Magazine will execute, as a service, absentee bids for purchasers who cannot attend the auction. Absentee bids are subject to the Conditions of Sale. To make an absentee bid, please complete the form (Download PDF) and submit it by email to auction@cmagazine.com. Absentee bid forms must be sent by 11:00 A.M. (EST) on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

Absentee bids will be executed by the auctioneer on behalf of the bidder, up to your bid limit in Canadian dollars. In the case of identical bids, the earliest received will take precedence. C Magazine is not responsible for errors or failures to execute absentee bids. Successful bidders will be notified and purchases will be charged to their credit card. Museumpros will provide delivery of work that is not picked up at auction, payable by the purchaser directly to Museumpros.

Pick-Up and Transportation
Purchasers must pick up artworks at the conclusion of the auction evening upon proof of payment. Museumpros Art Services Inc. packages all items on site at no charge, and will store thoseto be delivered. Museumpros will provide delivery for $90 within the GTA of all work that is not picked up at the auction, payable to Museumpros Art Services Inc.; long distance transportation arrangements can be made with Matt Meagher, Museumpros (416-588-0568).

If you have further questions please contact Kate at auction@cmagazine.com